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Book Club Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Haymarket Book Club?

We’re glad you asked! Members of our Book Club support our publishing mission by giving us a reliable stream of income in exchange for every book we publish. For rates starting at $30 per month you will receive regular shipments that can include as many as 40 books per year or more. We hope you’ll join the hundreds of other members of our book club in helping to ensure our financial health by signing up today.

What do I get as a member of the Haymarket Book Club?

All Book Club subscribers receive an automatic 50% discount on all titles on the Haymarket website. This discount is active as long as you are logged into the website and your subscription is active.

Print + ebook subscription: You receive a print copy of every book in our main Haymarket imprint, and an ebook copy of every book that is available as an ebook.

Ebook subscription: You receive an electronic copy of every book that is available as an ebook.

Historical Materialism/Studies in Critical Social Sciences subscription: You receive a print copy of every title published in these series (ebook editions are not available for these titles).

How do I change my address or payment information?

You can change your address or credit card number by logging into your account on this website and clicking the "Book Club" link in the upper-right-hand corner, or just click this link. The link only appears for current subscribers. 

When can I expect my next Book Club shipment?

Soon! We send new releases as they are published, which often means 3 or 4 books at a time. New books are sent every 4-8 weeks, on average. It’s in the nature of our work that some months we will release many books, and others relatively few. Over the course of a year you will received approximately 35-40 new books as a member of the Book Club.

SCSS and HM subscriptions are sent somewhat less frequently, but in larger batches: about 5-10 books every 3-5 months.

How does my subscription work?

We prepare shipments depending on our books' publication schedules, trying to bundle books into reasonable shipments.

One week before the shipment is due to go out, you will get an email from us listing the books in the next shipment.

If you want all the books on the list, do nothing, and they will all be sent to you as usual.

If there are any books you want to skip, click the link in the email and make your selections on our website.

You will always get the ebook edition of every book that has an ebook, even if you skip the print edition (does not apply to HM and SCSS subscriptions)

Where are the ebook editions of my Book Club subscription?

All of your ebooks will be automatically delivered to your library on the Haymarket website. At the top right-hand corner of the screen is a “Log In" link and a “Library” link. Your ebooks will appear in your library. If you need more information on how to use our ebooks, visit our ebook instructions page.

Help! I’m getting too many books!

We feel you! But we love each and every book we publish, so it’s unlikely we’ll publish fewer books. Our favorite solutions to this “problem” include buying more bookshelves, donating books to a local school or library, giving books away as gifts, or subscribing to our e-book only subscription option.

I have another question...

Sure! Just email us at and get back to you as soon as possible.