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Austro-Marxism: The Ideology of Unity
Austro-Marxist Theory and Strategy. Volume 1
The essential theoretical contributions of leading Austro-Marxist thinkers—Bauer, Renner, Adler, Hilferding, and Neurath—finally collected in one volume.
Though largely unknown to the English-speaking world, the Austro-Marxist school of thinkers offered a number of essential theoretical insights into the issues faced by the burgeoning socialist movement of their time. This illuminating volume collects the most important works of the key figures from this school—Otto Bauer, Max Adler, Karl Renner, Friedrich Adler, Rudolf Hilferding, and Otto Neurath—and historically situates their contributions through brief biographical sketches, making them accessible to English speaking readers for the first time.

Other books Edited by Mark E. Blum and William Smaldone

  • The Marxist Conception of the State

    A key text by Max Adler, one of the leading theorists of Austromarxism, on the fundamental question of the nature of the state

  • Austro-Marxism: The Ideology of Unity. Volume II

    This essential volume collects the key writings of Austrian Social Democracy on the questions of War, Revolution, and political strategy.