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Ten New Haymarket Books for $10 (or less!)

Check out these recent Haymarket Books releases that you may have missed, each currently available for under $10.

A newly updated and expanded primer for 21st-century democratic socialists from acclaimed scholars Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin, with Stephen Maher.

An evocative, affecting play on the horrors of mass incarceration written collaboratively by prisoners who have experienced it first-hand.

A BreakBeat Poets anthology that opposes silence and re-mixes the soundtrack of the Latinx diaspora across diverse poetic traditions.

The Game is Not a Game is an insightful, unapologetic exposé of the intersection of sports, culture, and politics from veteran journalist Robert Scoop Jackson.

In this highly unauthorized account of the Big Five's origins, Rob Larson delivers a blistering primer on the political economy of silicon valley.

An engaging look behind the curtain of one of America's most important companies, focusing on the workers that make it run.

A remarkable collection of essays illuminating Rosa Luxemburg's tremendous contributions to revolutionary struggle and enduring relevance.

New feminist essays for the #MeToo era from the international best-selling author of Men Explain Things to Me.

Powerhouse, world-renowned queer poet and spoken-word artist Staceyann Chin curates the first full-length collection of her poems.

Neoliberalism's War on Higher Education reveals how neoliberal policies, practices, and modes of material and symbolic violence have radically reshaped the mission and practice of higher education, short-changing a generation of young people.

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