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Henryk Grossman

Henryk Grossman (1881–1950) was the most important Marxist economist of the Twentith Century. He was a founding leader of the Jewish Social Democratic Party of Galicia and later a member of the Polish Communist Workers Party. After holding posts as a senior public servant and professor in Poland, he was a member of the Institute for Social Research in Germany and, following the Nazi takeover, in exile.


  • Henryk Grossman Works, Volume 2

    One of the 20th century's most important Marxists reflects on the people and movements of his time

  • Henryk Grossman Works, Volume 1

    The first volume in an ambitious effort to collect and translate the work of the eminent revolutionary Marxist economist Henryk Grossman

  • Capitalism's Contradictions

    Henryk Grossman’s substantial essays highlight vital but still neglected aspects of Marx’s economic theory