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Luca Basso

Luca Basso, Ph.D. (2004) University of Pisa, studied in Padua and in Berlin. He is Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Padua. His previous works include Agire in comune. Antropologia e politica nell'ultimo Marx (ombre corte, 2012), and Marx and Singularity: From the Early Writings to the Grundrisse (Brill, 2012). He is also the editor of the special issue “Republic and Common Good in Leibniz’ Political Thought”, in Studia Leibnitiana (Vol. 43:1, 2011).


  • Marx and the Common

    Marx and the Common brilliantly reconstructs Marx's connection of the collective dimension of communism to the element of individual realisation
  • Marx and Singularity

    Using the concept singularity, drawn from French theory, Basso attempts to understand Marx's development as a search for individual realization.